Sherry's Bio


Birthdate:  October 16, 1949, Greenville, SC 

Current address:  710 Hunts Bridge Rd., Unit 16, Greenville, SC 

Current employment: Greenville County Voter Registration & Elections

Previous jobs you've had: Homemaker (Domestic Engineer) LOL!, Richland County Tax Analyst, Appointed to the Richland County Board of Registration & Elections (working Board members). 

Date and place of marriage: September 7, 2013, Light House Baptist Church, Taylors SC 

Names of your children: Denise, Mike Jr., Heather and Jon

Birthdates/place of child or children: Greenville, SC

Date/place your children were baptized:

Hobbies: Reading, playing word games

Pet Peeve: People who pass judgment on others

Favorite sports teams: South Carolina Gamecocks, Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers   

Favorite car (whether owned or not): Mustang (Shelby)

Favorite vacation spot:  Gatlinburg TN

How do you unwind?  Listening to my favorite music. Classic rock and Contemporary Christian

Favorite movies? Pride and Prejudice, Dirty Dancing, Some Like It Hot, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Favorite books?  Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, To Kill A Mocking Bird, The Apple of His Eye, The Shack, and Facing Your Giants 

Last book read: Facing Your Giants

Last movie saw and liked: The Book Thief

Favorite musical artist:  The Beatles and Led Zeppelin   

Favorite author: Max Lucado

What type of music/artist do you listen to? Contemporary Christian, 50's, 60's, 70's Classics, Jazz

When you grow up you want to be: An Archeologist

Which LIVING public figure do you admire most (other than spouse or parents)? Jesus Christ

Finally, let's say you have the opportunity to have dinner with three other people -- alive or dead. Who would you choose to share your table? Jesus, Edgar Allen Poe and George Harrison