Peri's Bio

Birthdate: July 27th, 1942 in Upland (Philadelphia) PA

Current address: St. Pete Beach, FL

Current employment: wife, mom, nana ... otherwise retired!

Previous jobs you've had: receptionist, hair stylist, truck driver, sales clerk, dental lab trainee [ 1 day of that! ]

Date and place of marriage: 11/3/96, Sunset Beach, FL [on the dock, Sunday morning]

Names of your children: Valerie Reeves, Amy Ryan

Birthdates/place of child or children: V: 12/13/63--- A: 5/3/68; both in Philadelphia

Date/place your children were baptized: Redeemer Lutheran., Phila, PA
V; 1/64----A: 6/68

Hobbies: reading, sewing, jewelry making,

Pet Peeve: people that DO NOT use turn signals or use them @ the last minute!

Favorite sports teams: NONE

Favorite car (whether owned or not): Jaguar XJ

Favorite vacation spot: St Pete Beach, back yard

How do you unwind? working in the garden, into the pool, back to the garden, etc.  Or, just sittin' in the garden w/ Jim..

Favorite movies? Star Wars, Narnia Chronicles

Favorite books? John Sanford/ Patricia Cornwell/Nora Roberts

Last book read: Live Wire, by Harlan Coben

Last movie saw and liked: Narnia- Prince Caspian [w/Jake] loved it

Favorite musical artist: too many to name

Favorite author: J. Sanford, P. Cornwell, N. Roberts, Harlan Coben

What type of music/artist do you listen to? Classical, New Age, Blue Grass, Country, Pop.  Favorite piece of music: The Messiah

When you grow up you want to be:  exactly who I am, but a more compassionate, understanding and loving person

Which LIVING public figure do you admire most (other than spouse or parents)? My pastor, The Rev. Dr Erich Heintzen

Finally, let's say you have the opportunity to have dinner with three other people -- alive or dead. Who would you choose to share your table?  Walt Disney, Jesus, Daddy