Mark's Bio

Birthdate: 3/11/46 in Leedom Estates, Philadelphia, PA

Current address: Leesburg, VA

Current employment: Real Estate Sales Broker

Previous jobs you've had: Funeral Home, U.S, Navy and Real Estate (in that order)

Date and place of marriage: 7/6/81 in Etowah, TN

Names of your children: Mark E., Chris M.

Birthdates/place of child or children: Mark E. Portsmouth, VA 8/12/68 Chris M. Athens, Greece 8/23/70

Date/place your children were baptized: Virginia Beach and Nea Makri Greece (date unknown)

Hobbies: Reading, watching baseball on TV or live and pouring money in a big black hole; errrr I mean boating

Pet Peeve: Not enough room but one is slow drivers in the left hand lane

Favorite sports teams: You gotta know!!! and Tampa Bay Bucs and Washington Deadskins

Favorite car (whether owned or not): 1960 Austin Healy and 1962 Corvette

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii

How do you unwind? Read

Favorite movies? Dirty Dozen and Lonesome Dove

Favorite books? The Day After Tomorrow by Alan Folson

Last book read: Dragon by Clive Cussler

Last movie saw and liked: Lonesome Dove

Favorite musical artist: Boz Skaggs and Chicago and the Eagles (equally)

Favorite author: Toss up; Past: John D. Macdonald. Present: Randy Wayne White or P.T. Deutermann

What type of music/artist do you listen to? See above

When you grow up you want to be ? A certified marine captain

Which LIVING public figure do you admire most (other than spouse or parents)? Billy Graham

Finally, let's say you have the opportunity to have dinner with three other people -- alive or dead. Who would you choose to share your table? Jesus, St. Paul and Elmo Zumwalt and, if I could, I would add Ronald Reagan to the list!