Jackie's Bio


Birthdate: May 24, 1943 in Lewiston, ME

Current address: Lithia, FL

Current employment: Thoroughly Retired and Lovin' It

Previous jobs you've had: Waitress, Receptionist, Retail sales (jewelry store, shoe store, clothing store)

Date and place of marriage: April 6, 1963, Fryeburg, Maine

Names of your children: William R III

Birthdates/place of child or children: April 20, 1970, Reading, PA

Date/place your children were baptized: July 1970, St John's Lutheran Church, Dover, DE

Hobbies: Knitting, cross-stitching

Pet Peeve: Drivers pulling out in front of me, messy houses (slobs)

Favorite sports teams: Phillies, Tampa Bay Bucs

Favorite car (whether owned or not): 57 Thunderbird

Favorite vacation spot: Ireland

How do you unwind? Cross-stitch & knit with glass of wine

Favorite movies? Gone With The Wind, The Sandpiper, American Graffiti, Saturday Night Fever

Favorite books? The Cardinal, any John Sandford book

Last book read: Patricia Cornwell's "Book of the Dead"

Last movie saw and liked: Ratatouille, No Country For Old Men

Favorite musical artist: Johnny Mathis, Diana Krall, Barbra Streisand

Favorite author: Cornwell, Sandford, Grisham, Halberstam

What type of music/artist do you listen to? West Coast jazz -- the cooler, the better; classical

When you grow up you want to be: a Mom.

Which LIVING public figure do you admire most (other than spouse or parents)? More than one -- our military.

Finally, let's say you have the opportunity to have dinner with three other people -- alive or dead. Who would you choose to share your table? My Dad, my son, and my husband