Amy's Bio

Birthdate: May 3, 1968 in Philadelphia, PA

Current address): St. Petersburg, FL

Current employment: Grace Lutheran School

Previous jobs you've had: beach store clerk, Burger King (for a day!) bank teller, Walgreens clerk, department store associate (kids department), Kindergarten/Grade 1 teacher, Preschool Director.

Date and place of marriage: 10/26/91, St. Petersburg

Names of your children: Patteson Jake

Birthdates/place of child or children: 7/21/98, Clearwater, FL

Date/place your children were baptized: 10/4/98 St. Petersburg

Hobbies: shopping, decorating, entertaining friends & family, ebay

Pet Peeve: poorly planned parking lots, people without a work ethic

Favorite sports teams: Bucs, TB Rays

Favorite car (whether owned or not): BMW convertible, Pontiac Solstice, Audi TT convertible, I love any good-looking convertible

Favorite vacation spot: Aruba or Anywhere Tropical

How do you unwind? Read the newspaper or a magazine

Favorite movies? The Devil Wears Prada, Sound of Music, Grease

Favorite books? Children’s literature – picture books and chapter

Last book read: Tools for Teaching

Last movie saw and liked: Indiana Jones

Favorite musical artist: Michael Buble, Jim Brickman, Trace

Favorite author: (children’s author) Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss

What type of music/artist do you listen to? Country, Sinatra classics

When you grow up you want to be A retired teacher & a grandmother!

Which LIVING public figure do you admire most (other than spouse or parents)? Not sure if I’d say “most”, but certainly I admire Tiger Woods

Finally, let's say you have the opportunity to have dinner with three other people -- alive or dead. Who would you choose to share your table? William Anton, Sr, Jesus, Princess Diana